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Qualities that Mod Controllers for Xbox 360 Must Have


When one is searching for the ultimate controller experience, he or she must be aware that not all mod controllers for Xbox 360 are effective. While some only do this kind of endeavor to gain money, others do it to enhance the gaming satisfaction of those dedicated gamers who want more. However, one must be wise enough to discern which qualities gamers should look into and what factors need to be present in order to get the best feeling there is.

What makes mod controllers for Xbox 360 great is how it actually modifies the gaming experience. To gain an upper hand, one must have a controller that gives a better feel than the normal one. However, not only should the game controller get a better feel, but it should look just as good too. Ideal ones would be those that are modified to be ergonomically beneficial or those that have better LED distinction. Another factor that should be considered is the controller’s adaptability. How useful could it be if it were only made for one game?

With all these factors in mind, the user should pick out the best mod controllers for Xbox 360 that would incorporate all the needed elements for better satisfaction.


Qualities that Mod Controllers for Xbox 360 Must Have


Modsticks Pro brings a whole new level of customization to your Xbox 360 gaming experience! Our analog thumb sticks are designed to increase the range of motion by up to 40% and the fully adjustable height allows you to fine tune your controller like no other product. Modsticks Pro will give you the ability to rotate faster and aim more accurately in your favorite first person shooters.

The included Modsticks Pro D-Pad with Quick Post is a revolutionary accessory that not only looks incredible but provides you with a removable vertical thumb post, mounted directly to the pad making it a breeze to use quickly and accurately.

Each Modsticks Pro kit includes everything you need to install our custom parts in your Xbox 360 controller. Install is a breeze with our included instruction sheet and typically requires only five to ten minutes.