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Stealth Black - Modsticks Pro XBOX 360

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Product Description

Mod Sticks Pro are professional upgrades for your xbox 360 controller. 

Made from a solid block of CNC T6 billet aluminum.


Modsticks Pro – Hardcore analog sticks with adjustable height and interchangeable top grips includes hardware & spacers.

Steady Aim - By increasing the height of the toggle stick you gain a mechanical advantage over standard controllers.  The toggle movements will feel very precise even on high sensitivity settings.

Max Travel - 20% MORE TRAVEL The stem of the analog toggle sticks are much narrower than a standard controller giving the controller a greater range of movement.  (Most games this will give your player faster rotation without increasing your controller sensitivity.)

Modsticks Pro D Pad - with an optional toggle stick mount in the center of the D Pad  you can make instant D pad selections  with a snap of your thumb.


Qt 2. Aluminum Dome Base

Qt 2. Aluminum dish top grips

QT 1. Modsticks Pro D-Pad

Qt 1. Optional D-Pad stick (can also be used on Modstick dome base)

Qt 1. Modsticks T8 Security wrench

Qt 1. Philips tip screw driver for D-Pad

Qt 1. Allen key for changing screw driver tips.

Qt 6. Steel threaded set screws 3 short 3 long for assembling toggle grip tops to base.

Qt 6. Aluminum spacers 1mm 2mm 3mm  Fine tune the height of your toggle sticks

Qt 2. Steel Philips machine screws for D pad

You have to open your xbox controller to install these.  7 screws and about  5 min of work. 

All tools and hardware are included in this package.



If you are using a controller with the transforming D-Pad you need the D-Pad conversion available in our store for $1.00

Product Videos

Modsticks Pro analog sticks Install video - Short Version (03:33)
Short clip of the basic install of modsticks pro analog sticks into an xbox 360 controller.
  • Modsticks Pro ...
    Short clip of the basic install of modsticks pro analog stick...
  • Modsticks Pro Kit
    What you will get when you open the Modsticks pro analog stick...

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Product Reviews

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  1. ENVY 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2013

    words can't express how much I enjoy your products. they may not make me a better gamer, but they increase my satisfaction and my friends envy me. thank you

  2. Amazing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2013

    All I can say is wow... Well made & excellent feel... Top quality!

  3. Good solid product. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Feb 2013

    I got a set of modsticks thumb sticks in early January. I've had a bit of time to get used to them now and I have too say they are great. They are very smooth and the height adjust on the sticks is a nice touch. I play mine with the blue spacer and the added height make them more comfortable. That said I do find the left thumbs thick hurts my thumb after a few minutes mainly due to pushing down and forward at the one time to sprint in call of duty !! Maybe making the edges a little more rounded would held in this matter ??
    Also I'm from Ireland and between ordering and shipping it took 6 to 8 days to receive the product which I thought was reasonable.
    I would buy another set but ill wait for the new Xbox and get a set for that if modsticks make them in the future !!

  4. Amazing as always 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Feb 2013

    Im building my fourth custom controller and Modsticks are amazing as always.

  5. thumbstickl 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2013

    one thumbstick did not fit correct it look had shaving inside the grove try blow off put old t
    humbstick back on trggers best, buttons best, and d-pad best.the feel is good

  6. Full Modsticks Pro Package Review 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2012

    Very nice feel. Very smooth action and the adjustable tension is fantastic. They come with three sets of springs. Hair trigger, med or hard. The med is very close to the stock but just a bit firmer. I played around with all three and I like the middle spring best. No matter which spring you choose there is an additional adjustment of a set screw that you can use to compress the spring for even finer tuning to you liking. With my trigger I also purchased the trigger stops. The triggers are machined with three holes. These stops insert into the holes to limit the travel of the trigger. The middle hole is for Shooter type games and only allows the trigger to go in as far as absolutely necessary to fire a weapon and or ADS. This I find to be a fantastic design. I may not seem like much but taking away any unneeded travel of the trigger can mean the difference between life or death when it comes to a gun fight. It may only remove millisecond but most times that's all the separates you from the other guy. Some people are fantastic at feathering the trigger but for people like me these are great.( if you only use auto weapons this feature does not mater much)

    This is the reason I purchased this product. Fully machined solid aluminum and most importantly, adjustable thumb sticks. I Am in LOVE with these sticks. The benefit of Being able to adjust the sticks can't be over stated. I have tried the GPS and IMO they are junk compared to these. The added height does the same thing as a FPS freaks does but it does it so much better. The kit comes with three different spacers so that you can play around and find the height at best works for you. The purpose is to add control to your aiming. The added height ads to the amount of motion needed to make your movements. The higher it is the more precise those movements become. So imagine being able to put your sensitivity up to max but still retain the control of the lower levels. That's what these do for you. The thumb topper also come in a few different option. Stock they come with dish toppers. I also ordered fusion topper which is a combination of the dome and dish toppers. So far the fusion topper is my favorite and also seems to be a favorite of most users. The down side is you can't swap them out when you order the kit and you will have to order them extra. I talk about this below but they are very very comfortable. I have played 10 full games which is quite a long time and never once did I have trouble with comfort or slippage.

    I purchased these because I'm the kind of guy that likes everything to match. The only thing they do for you is add the ability to adjust the height of the buttons. Personally I don't find this very useful in the FPS game type but I could see it being useful in others. This is just my opinion so your experience may be different. The only thing I know is they feel great and look blingtactic.

    This comes with the sticks but I put it separate because I think it's usefulness is over looked. In the middle of the D-pad there is a joystick. The stick is removable but now that I have used it I am in love. At first I thought I would hate it but I was dead wrong. I was playing along and got my first kill streak. Went to call it in like normal but this time instead of going down to the Dpad my thumb bumped against the stick and pushed in the proper direction. It felt so smooth and natural. I had forgotten the stick was even there until I went to hit my Dpad. Once I did this a few times it became very clear why the stick on the Dpad was a good idea.

    Over all fantastic feel. Very smooth action and great grip on the thumb sticks. The aggressive look on the thumb pads are very deceiving and concerned me but I find them to be extremely comfortable while still allowing for great slip free control.


    Installation was a breeze. The kit comes with everything you need to take apart your controller and the pieces are a direct fit. I would say it took me about 20 min to put together and I have never taken apart my controller before. The direction ( if you can call them that) leave a lot to be desired but that is made up for with several installation videos on their website was well as many others across YouTube. If you can't figure it out with a tiny amount of research then you should not be taking your controller apart in the first place.
    Every piece was a perfect fit

    Build quality

    Simply stunning in my opinion. The parts are a direct fit and clearly professional in build. I am a huge RC racing fan which is how i learned about this company. The company that makes these also makes high end RC parts so precision is something they know all about. There is not room for error in RC parts and that knowledge and experience has lent itself quite nicely to this side of their business. The parts are all milled from solid aluminum so strength is def not an issue.

    Top notch build quality
    Perfect functionality
    Great design
    Great looks.

    Cons. ( if you can call them that)
    Price is going to be a bit hard to swallow for some.
    Included directions are poor
    In ability to choose topper design with main kit.

    I am very happy with this purchase. I tend to be very skeptical and expect big things out of my purchases so if you are going to get a good review out of me your going to earn it. If you are looking for a big upgrade to the stock controller then this is it. Xbox and others need to take notes because with these parts I now feel I have a perfect controller. The adjustability to your hands and play style really helps to make gaming a more personal experience as opposed to the one size fits all.

  7. LOVE THEM! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2012

    I got these last year for my Xbox 360 controller. They are a HUGE step up from the stock controller analog sticks. I would recommend them for any gamer. They are solid and if you break them then you are probably the hulk, haha.

    I started using them on Modern Warfare 3 and just started using them with Halo 4.

    I love the customization with these. I keep my left stick short and my right stick tall. The left stick controls running and strafing. I find it easier to sprint (pressing in the left stick) with the shorter stick. I need more fine controls on the right stick to control the direction my gun points and the taller stick helps with that.

    The only way you could be disappointed with this is if you start using them and then go to a friends house and use their stock controller. :-)

    This upgrade is well worth the cost!!

  8. I. M. O. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2012

    To solely review this one item for me is pointless.
    Iv purchased over 80% of the entire catalog this company currently has to offer...in a 2 week period to boot.
    Let me just say that i roll w/ a ps3 thru a cronus device which enables me to use any controller under the sun.
    In my opinion,..the stock ps3 controller is an absolute fail. Its a tiny crampy unorganized hunk of junk. In my opinion.
    So,..i choose the 360 controller,..but b4 the mighty cronus device was set in motion,..i bought,..EVERY third party xbox laid out controller i could find. From nyko to mlg.
    They all die in one way or another and sooner than later. The stock 360 controller is rock solid. Its yhe perfect canvas to create,.on your own,..your very own personnel effect..easily,..by using modstick products. It really is the only way you can honestly say,.."i built that fucker,..i know it kills!!". That aspect to me is huge.
    O,..thats right,..the items themselves?...untouchable,.meticulous works of machined goodness. They ooze quality and strength.
    O,..theyre actual playability?..like nothing youv ever imagined was possible.
    Cutting edge consistent quality.
    In my opinion.

  9. total controller modstick overhaul 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Nov 2012

    if your a serious gamer especially the call of duty series..halo...gears of war ..this is the product you absolutely need in your arsenal!!!the total feel and total control the modsticks give me and all my friends is amazing!!!i dont even like to play with the original analogs ..buttons ..triggers anymore.once you have used the modsticks products,you will never look at gaming the same again !!everything is so fluid AND precise!!not to mention all the compliments ive gotten for the overall look of all my modstick controllers!!there worth every penny and i can say without a doubt your K.D.ratio WILLimprove because the modsticks mods make playing your favorite games that much more fun!!ive purchased the triggers..analog sticks and the buttons for ALL of my controllers and plan on buying more in the near future!!all im saying is if your playing without the modsticks products..you dont know what your missing!!i would highly recommend them and the installation was fast and easy.i know i'll never play again without them!!

  10. very good! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Sep 2012

    adds intensity to gameplay

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